Saturday, September 15, 2012

Vitamins - what you need to know!

Missing vitamins - How to find out what you are missing and what to do about it!

Vitamin supplements are a great way to get the vitamins your body needs when you are unable to get enough of them by your food intake.
Especially if you are following weight loss regime, its a good idea to use vitamin supplements as we tend to miss out on important vitamins during that time.
If you arent sure if you miss vitamins and dont want to take a supplement without being sure that you really need it than there are ways to find out if you are missing certain vitamins.

 How do i know if im missing certain ?

The easiest way is of course to make a blood test. Y ou will know right away which vitamins you are missing.

But there are other ways too, how you can recognize in daily life if you lack vitamins

Iron - Feeling tired, fatigue a lot.Very pale skin and pale lips canbe an sign for less iron too. Most woman are low in Iron due to the blood loss the experience every month. If you are a vegetarian and dont eat enough green leaf vegetables you probably have a lack of iron too.

calcium - muscles cramps are a clear sign that you are missing calcium.

vitamin c - If you get sick a lot (cold, flu, herpes,..) than you are probably lacking vitamin c.

Vitamin B ( 12+6) - If your nails and hair  suddenly start to break easily, its a sign of missing vitamin b 12 and 6 ( probably also omega 6 fatty acids). Another indictaor for this is if your skin becomes dry.

Vitamin A - Many people have a lack of vitamin A and dont know about it! A indicator that you are missing vitamin A is when your vision becomes disturbed, especially if your nightvision gets a lot worse. its also indicated by anicreased danger of infections, which a indictaor that goes for many vitamins and its hard to know which vitamin you are lacking just by this.

What can i do?

You can get a supplement that contains the vitamin you suspect you are missing.
Or you can get a vitamin supplement that covers many vitamins.
I suggest you that you get a supplement that covers a big range of vitamins for the case that you miss another vitamin too.
Personally i use centrum vitamins. I was missing a few vitamins and so i decided to use this supplement to avoid any health problems that could follow from a lack of vitamins.
I got the advice to use centrum from a lot of people ( mostly doctors) as tehy told me this supplemtn is trustable and not a waste of money like so many others.
The person who is the lcosest to me and gave me the advice to use this supplement too is my mother. She had a lot of problems with having infections and getting sick a lot. now since 1 years she is taking centrum multi vitamins and she has been sick only once or twice during this time which is a great change.

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