Saturday, September 8, 2012

Coffee Facescrub - home made

There is a great variety of face scrubs available in stores.
Many of them pretty pricey and promising anything you could think of.
The main purpose however is to remove dead skin particles and to animate the skin to renew itself.

Itdoesnt need much to make a greatface scrub at home.
As you can read in a previous post, all it takes is sugar and optional some oil.
Now theres another ongredient you can add.
Its especially helpfull when yur complexion isnt bright because of less sleep or stress

The ingredient is Coffee
The Caffein that coffee contains is great against tired looking skin.

This is how you do it yourself:
1/2 teaspoon coffee instant powder
2 Tablespoon sugar
optional: 1 teaspoon oil ( only for dry skin)

Just mix it 2gether and you are ready to go!

Wash your face and than use the scrub on your wet face.
Its especially usefull before applying face masks or lotions.

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