Wednesday, September 12, 2012

No more excuses - Cardio training you can do at home- at any time!



Its not always possible to go for a run or to visit the gym. Many people have this problem and some use it as an excuse to not work out at all.

Its not a valid excuse!

You can work out, at home and at any time!

I can assure you this from my own experience.

I’ve lost 13 kg by changing my diet and working out at home. In all that time I never went to a gym or did any kind of exercise outside the home. Why u ask?

I have a baby and I live in a place where people would look at you like an alien if you go out for a run. Not to mention how they would stare if I decided to go inline skating around the block!

So even if I managed to steal some time where I give my baby to my husband, I wouldn’t not enjoy working out outside the apartment.

Still I wanted to loose weight and so I did my best to find something I could do at home.

If you want something, there’s no reason to stop u!

You can do a lot of different exercises at home.

Such as working out with the help of fitness DVD’s. There’s a wide range of them available and many of them are really helpful.

I love the 30 days shred DVD’s from Jillian Michaels as they really push you to your limit.

Still my choice of exercise at home is much more simple.

It’s Running.

I’m sure you ask how I do that at home?

Well I simply run in place. Its so easy to do and doesn’t need anything special.

You can do it while watching TV and you can do it at any time you like. It doesn’t matter if theres snow and rain outside, in your house you can still run!

Start to change your life today and start exercising!

People who exercise regularly have a way lower risk of diabetes and other dangerous illnesses!

Doesn’t convince you?

Exercising makes you happy, it really does.

It increases the production of the hormone that is actually responsible for a good mood.

Its also increases you ability to concentrate. So if you are working and feel like you just cant go on and your concentration is totally off, just take a quick run and you will see it will be much easier afterwards!

Even just 15 min a day can make a huge change in your life.

Simply start with running 15 min and increase it week by week. Your health will get better and so will your Mood. Try it out!

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