Thursday, August 2, 2012

what really makes you tired - Iron deficit

What makes you really tired?

If you are always tired and feel like you lack energy, it simply might be that you need more iron! Especially woman are often suffering from iron deficits and mostly they don’t even know it and just think they are tired weather changes, not enough sleep,…
In most cases this lack of energy will completely disappear if the iron intake is increased. Whether its by taking supplements or increasing iron rich foods in your diet.

One of the iron richest foods available is liver which contains up to 9 mg of iron per 10 grams. This food however isn’t suitable for everyone and most people don’t like liver at all and wont eat it in any condition. Fortunately there are many more foods that are rich in iron and that are much more tasty than liver.

Here is a little List of iron rich foods:


Chick peas
Any green leaf vegetables
Red beet

The body has trouble to absorb iron if its combined with any dairy foods so it should be avoided to consume those iron rich foods with milk, yogurt, etc. The easiest way for our body to absorb iron is to combine it with vitamin C. So drinking some Vitamin C rich Juices while eating an iron rich meal is a great way to absorb iron the best way.

Pregnant woman, breastfeeding woman and woman who are on their period have a higher need of iron and therefore should increase their iron intake. If you suspect that you have iron deficit you can simply increase the amount of iron rich foods in your diet, if this doesn’t help you, its best to see your doctor. Taking a blood test to see if it is really iron that you are missing is always the best way to find out what’s really behind your fatigue.

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